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GCSE / O-Level Tutoring

Boost school children’s exam performance with NABT’s GCSE/O Level tutoring. Tailored guidance, expert tutors. Unlock potential now!

A2/AS & Uni Prep Tutoring

Ace A Level Exams with NABT’s Specialized Tutoring: Tailored guidance, comprehensive curriculum, expert tutors. Unlock your potential today!

University/ HND Tutoring

Excel in University with NABT’s Comprehensive Guidance: Personalized approach, expert mentors, admission success. Unlock your future today!

Professional Exams Prep

Master Professional Exams with NABT’s Exam Prep: Specialized curriculum, expert instructors, career advancement. Unlock your professional success today!

We help You Unleash Your Learning Potential

At Nova Academy (NABT), we are your premier destination for top-notch online tutoring and exam preparation services. We specialize in providing comprehensive support in the realm of e-learning, virtual tutoring, and exam readiness. Our dedicated team of experienced tutors is committed to empowering students like you to achieve academic excellence and reach your full potential.

Hear from our Students!

I wanted to Migrate to Australia and I wanted an 8 in IELTS even though i was shy when speaking. The tutors at NABT gave me special attention and helped me get through
SAP Developer Australia
I did Cambridge A2 Computer Science with them and got an A and had an amazing experience. The tutor was professional and well-versed with the curriculum. He explained advanced concepts of programming in a very easy and interesting style. Highly Recommend them
Cambridge student from Turkey
Started IELTS with them had a smooth journey,
The teachers were very supportive always .
I would recommend any beginner to start the process with them and get the exams faced much easier with the tips and knowledge they provide.
Thank you once again for all the support
Best regards
Stock Trader Dubai
I have been taking Cambridge A Level Computer Science tutoring with NABT, and it has been a game changer. The personalized lessons really cater to my learning style. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my grades. Highly recommend!
Cambridge Student from UK
Currently I’m getting tutored for AQA GCSE in computer science. The tutor is really helpful and flexible. Plus he always give me fun code challenges so that coding is not boring
AQA Student from UK
I got tutored from NABT and completed my Edexcel O Levels in ICT. Ive got to say that my tutor gave me a better education than what I got from school. 5 stars.
Edexcel Student from Sri Lanka

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Global Reach

Nova Academy of Business and Technology (NABT) offers premier online tutoring for students globally, for UK-based examinations.

Customized Learning

Our tutoring services at NABT are tailored to individual student needs, enhancing their learning outcomes.

Expert Tutors

NABT’s tutors are highly skilled professionals specializing in their respective fields, offering premium quality tutoring for a variety of subjects.

Flexibility & Accessibility

NABT promotes convenient & flexible online tutoring, enabling global students to learn at their pace & preferred time.

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